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Medical Devices

Why are these products called  MEDICAL DEVICES?

All the products in the Tattoo Defender line have been approved as medical devices following authorisation granted by the Ministry of Health.

This status is an important official guarantee of the quality of our pro- ducts, specifically designed to be effective in treating the skin after semi-permanent make up. They are rich in carefully selected active ingredients and natural extracts chosen for their beneficial effects on the skin and for our customers’ tattoos.

The status of medical devices also certifies the increased reliability of the Tattoo Defender line in relation to non-speci c products, which, unfortunately are still frequently used by those who are not so well informed.

It is a further step ahead in pursuing our company’s mission, namely, fo-cusing on ongoing research into raising the quality of our lines to meet our customers’ needs, since, for us at Tattoo Up Defender, your skin will always be a serious and fundamental commitment, which involves our utmost passion and our resources.